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A Life Coach is an invaluable asset when you are navigating a hard transition in your life.

Inspiring Significant Change Can Start Today

You can Create Your Future Self as a person with optimal health and excellent relationships. You can design your lifestyle and your career around your Core Values and passions. 

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Meet Carolyn Maul

I’m a Professional Life Coach based in the Los Angeles area. My clients are often Type-A, high achievers who are ready to take their at health, and personal relationships UP to the level while they take their stress level down a notch or two 

My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you actionable tools, language shifts, and kick ass workouts that you can immediately use to improve your health, relationships, and happiness.

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Life Coaching Can Help If…

  • If you have recently experienced something like a divorce, a sudden career change, the diagnosis of an illness, or some other kind of setback that has gotten you off track, I can help.
  • If you are a person who is used to being in charge, muscling your way through, or who used to be in great shape and hates feeling out of control or unable to get things done, I can help.
  • If you have a successful professional life but your personal life is basically in shambles, I can help.
  • If you have goals and dreams that the years are making hazy, I can help bring clarity and energy back into your life.

You will benefit from Life Coaching Services if you know it is only YOU standing in your way.  I can help you see past your blocks and get you into IMMEDIATE ACTION towards reaching your goals.

Do you want to feel like a success? Do you want to feel healthy and energized? Do you want to have better communication skills with your kids and partner?

I can help.

Set up a free 20 minute Wellness Assessment and we can see if you and I are a good match to work together. In that time, I guarantee you will get clear on your goals, what is holding you back, what the REAL issue is, and leave our call with greater peace of mind and ideas for what actions to take next.

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Inspiring Significant Change

Creating a life of Health and Wealth through nutrition, exercise, and positivity


I help people feel healthy, connected and On Purpose by teaching them daily habits that create measurable results. I think the world needs all the Inspiring people it can get!


My most rewarding work comes from helping clients develop a level of self-mastery in many areas of their life so that they are able to live a life that is authentic and in alignment with their core values.


From the huge accomplishments my clients have had like losing 100 pounds or winning Figure Competitions, to the less obvious (but just as thrilling) results of healing relationships, learning how to communicate in a way that your needs are met, seen, heard and respected everyone has things they desire to up-level.