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  • Thank you so much for the time spent with me yesterday. I walked away from our meeting with a whole new outlook on the way we eat. I also put the modified exercises to use last night. What a difference!

    TS, , 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed our recent 1 day Transformational event, but much more than that, I was enlightened. My frame of view of myself and my life has changed, and for me that was the true value of the day. You provided a beautiful setting at Paugus Bay, you anticipated my needs, and catered to every request I would make. Starting the day with a cooking event was fun, educational, relaxing, and also it helped clear the mind for the thought provoking, introspective discussions that were to come. As much as I enjoy the 30 and 60 minute sessions we have had, this full day event allowed the discussions to go much deeper, to the point where I truly do believe it was transformational. With your education, experience, insight, intuition, easy demeanor, and wonderful perception of how the world works, you have helped to change my frame of view and led me to see myself and life’s events a little differently and more positively than I had before. And that’s no trivial accomplishment! Granted, it’s impossible to predict what might come from an event like this, and the attitude and effort of the client will always play and instrumental part in the days outcome. The client must have a need, and a willingness to discuss it intimately. For me you identified several I was not even aware of. As I work myself back into the dating world I’m more prepared to better recognize, understand and accept the natural roles and needs of myself and potential partners so I can support that person and that relationship to the best of my ability. I believe this awareness you brought to the forefront of my mind will pay off tenfold in any future relationships I have. I showed up with an open mind and no expectations, and was impressed with how much we accomplished in just one day.

    Gavin, , 
  • I eat better since meeting you and I take the time to check and see what I'm eating and where it came from. I learned it doesn't have to be difficult, I can make a meal that tastes good, looks good and is good for me. I need to work on not stressing, that is my resolution! This is what I tell everyone about our sessions..."Carolyn listens to what I'm saying and offers ways to make my life better, easier and healthier. She shares her own life experiences and makes you want to be a better and healthier person.   I buy food at the grocery store I didn't even know existed before I met Carolyn and my grocery cart has more fruits and veggies in it than anything else" Since the first time I introduced the thought of having a Nutritionist on site I have been blown away by the participation and interest of the people that I work with.  Everyone wants to be healthy, eat right, exercise and with you coming to us on site, some day that will be a way of life for the majority of people here!

    , , 
  • You helped me to identify and start to break a habit of negative behavior/energy/attitude that I was displaying towards my parents-in-law. The reason for it was clear, but you helped me realize the negative impact my attitude in this relationship was having on me. How it spreads and grows. I enjoyed our discussions, and you reminded me of many things that I had forgotten over the years to practice/live on a regular basis. Primarily:

    1. I am in control of my response to external inputs.  Looking back, I began to let constant external inputs start to affect me.
    2. One of my core essences is steward or giver.  I had significantly suppressed this tendency as a protection mechanism.  I needed to find a new balance.
    3. It is okay and necessary for me to protect an acceptable amount of "me" time for the things that keep me happy, healthy, and energized.

    , , 
  • When I first met Carolyn I was training for an upcoming motocross event and felt I was on track with my current eating and exercise habits.  Boy was I wrong, it turns out I had more to learn in the area of diet and exercise then I thought.  Upon first meeting Carolyn she came off as warm, inviting, energetic and always greeted me with a big smile. She seemed genuinely happy to meet with me. Through out my journey she would quickly pick up on areas that could use improvement but she never looked down upon poor decisions I might of made. It was her unbiased approach that made communicating effortless.  Whether you had an off week or not, it was always a positive experience meeting with Carolyn. Going to the grocery store will never be the same thanks to Carolyn. I cannot thank her enough for opening my eyes to what I am putting in my body. You can't expect to build a Ferrari by using parts from a Hyundai and the same goes for health.  With Carolyn's help I was finally able to understand the nutritional information on the back of all the prepackaged food we buy. Before meeting with Carolyn the nutritional information looked a bunch of hieroglyphics, well maybe not to that extreme.   I certainly wasn't able to differentiate between what's good/bad or too much/too little of specific ingredients in what I was about to put in my body. Now it's easy to look at the back of a package and know if it's worth buying.  Carolyn provided me with a crash course in nutrition. I am still no expert by any means but I now have a good understanding of what's good and what's bad. The greatest lesson I took away from her nutritional crash course was to fill my diet with whole foods, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Our bodies are complex machines that require optimal fuel to give us optimal strength, endurance and mental power. Taking the next step in training isn't always the easiest to identify but thankfully I had Carolyn in my corner.  As I said earlier I was training for an up coming motocross event and was well on my way with training. I wasn't doing badly in preparation but I didn't have the guidance I needed to help me progress. I talked with Carolyn about what I had been doing and she was able to identify the areas that I could improve upon. My cardio training was going great but I wasn't doing enough to take my performance to the next level. Carolyn helped me understand the FIT (Frequency Intensity Time) concept. It turns out that anyone training has to analyze their program and apply the FIT concept where they see necessary. Meaning that you can make great gains in training by either increasing any one of the three FIT areas or a combination may be needed. It turns out I was running and cycling enough but the intensity needed to increase. While my race turned out to be a bust due to the weather, the time I did spend out on the track I noticed a huge improvement in physical performance. My greatest lesson I have learned from my Carolyn Maul lifestyle experience is the synergistic effects of a healthy lifestyle. From the healthy eating to exercising regularly and taking the time to look at the big picture I can say that I am a happier person, I carry more confidence knowing that I take great care of my body and look & feel better in my late thirties then I did in my mid 20's. Most importantly I am happy with my life, even when it decides to throw me a curve ball. Carolyn's coaching and guidance has contributed greatly to my fitness, increased motivation and newly adjusted out look on life. I can't thank her enough for her all she has brought to my life.

    Eryk L., , 

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