What Is The Definition of a Champion?

What is the definition of a champion?

Is it someone who is lucky enough on a single day to win that one race?
Is it someone who shows up everyday despite the odds to train with the singular hope and desire to be better personally than yesterday?
Is it someone who stands up and speaks for those with no voice?
Is it someone who has put in the hours and has the track record to show for it?

WHO is a champion to you?

And why?

Has that person somehow infused all of the characteristics you most admire into their one existence?

And once you have an answer in your mind, a person you consider a Champion, let me ask you this:

How are YOU showing up as a champion?

Who is looking at you and considering you a champion?

Those are a lot of questions with answers that may take some time to come to light!

So, meanwhile, I wanted to point out an important aspect of your answers…when you think of those people who are indeed your champions and those who you look up to, understand that you are recognizing certain attributes.

In them.

And guess what, you would never be able to ever recognize those attributes if YOU did not already embody them also.



In your heart.

Right now.

The wonderful thing about giving others sincere compliments and SEEING them in their greatness is that the very act of it comes from the place in YOU that is that same thing you are admiring in THEM.

Of course, it also works the other way…the things that annoy the crap out of you about her, well, yes, you do it, too. And the reason you can’t stand to be in the same room as him for 10 minutes, well, yes, you do that, too.

It’s a hard lesson to embrace that everyone is our mirror. But in my opinion, it is one of the most valuable.
It is why we need to find mentors that we admire. And learn from them.
It is why we have some coaches that create lasting impressions. And we succeed with them.
It is why we marry who we marry. And we choose each day to love them.
It is why we argue with our family. And then we make up 🙂
It’s why we want “better’ for our kids. And ourselves.

So, knowing all this…how will you show up differently tomorrow?

Do you need to apologize to anyone?

Oh boy, I’m back to the questions aren’t I?

But believe me, you would not still be reading if you didn’t get it. If you didn’t get me.

You are reading this because WE are mirrors. And I write this as a response to interacting with you all day.

So, let me give you a cosmic hug and kiss and assure you that I’ll be here tomorrow.  And the day after.

And allow me the pleasure of being YOUR champion. Of championing YOU. We deserve it.



What do you think?

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