The Difference Between Being Strong, And Acting Strong…

  • Acting strong needs proof to believe, being strong is the proof others believe in.

  • Acting strong needs friends to tell them how great they are, being strong needs friends they can help become great.

  • Acting strong looks around after a PR to see who’s watching, being strong puts more weight on.

  • Acting strong eats clean because they have to, being strong eats clean because someone that may have to, may welcome the example.

  • Acting strong storms off when things don’t go as planned, being strong controls the brainstorm we all feel, then plans for tomorrow.

  • Acting strong is hurtfully honest, being strong is honestly helpful.

  • Acting strong is there for whomever is there for them, being strong is always there.

  • Acting strong waits to see the outcome, being strong makes the outcome.

  • Acting strong needs an entourage, being strong builds a community.

  • Acting strong needs applause, being strong needs to make others feel like they are applauded.

  • Acting strong is the loudest coward, being strong is quietest fighter.

  • Acting strong waits for a better day, being strong lives everyday like it’s their last.

  • Acting strong will bow to a tyrant in hopes they may become one, being strong will rise against one.

  • Acting strong will give opinions, being strong will hear opinions…and keep going.

  • Acting strong will display trophies of themselves, being strong will display trophies of others.

  • Acting strong has unending pride, being strong can’t be humble enough.

  • Acting strong joins a team so they can play, being strong joins a team so it can win.

  • Acting strong interrupts, being strong interprets.

  • Acting strong sets standards that value themselves, being strong sets standards that show value in others.

  • Acting strong is a burden, being strong carries them.

  • Acting strong fears the strong, being strong fears their own strength.

  • Acting strong will do anything to be accepted, being strong searches for those in need of acceptance.

  • Acting strong has no weakness, being strong is weakness overcome time and time again.


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