I LOVE speaking to groups about health and wellness! Here are some of the current topics that corporations and conferences are loving right now...


Become the Clean Eating Expert in your Social Circle.

You’ve got an avocado-dealer on speed dial. Quinoa is your middle name. And your compost bin rivals a juice bar’s with all of the kale-pulp you produce. But what about the superfoods you’re not already using? Turmeric, raw cacao, pitaya, and dandelion greens are the hot, nutrient-packed ingredients of the moment. And we’re seeing them everywhere—on juice bar menus, top food blogs, in healthy restaurants, and soon, your grocery cart. So, how do you use them—and why should you?

Let’s talk Paleo!

What does the Paleo diet really entail? Is it healthy? It sustainable? Is it only for Crossfit Athletes? Learn the benefits and drawbacks of one of the hottest trends going in the nutrition world.

Is Gluten Evil?

This is a huge topic of conversation right now, but who can you trust?? Learn the facts about what gluten really is, where it is found, and what all the fuss is about.


60 minute Sunrise Yoga and Meditation; followed by Cold-Pressed Juice cocktails

60 minute Flow Yoga Sweat Session; followed by Cold-Pressed Juice cocktails

Bootcamp classes: Bodyweight based and totally scalable for all levels.

Personal Development

Health and W.E.A.L.T.H. Lifestyle Design

Learn how to create an amazing lifestyle by looking at your Wellness, Emotions, Assets, Leadership, Time and Happiness in a whole new way!

Based on the science of Epigenetics and Biocognitive Theory we discuss how Aging, Illness, and Joy are in your control. (90-120min)

Yoga’s 10 Universal Principles: Yamas and Niyamas

Take a look at how these 10 ancient principles are still so valuable in today’s  fast-paced world of technology as a guide to happiness and peace. (45-60 min)

10 Commandments of Leadership ( no matter who your tribe is ). 

What are the 10 most successful attributes of leadership? No matter who you read from Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell and Steven Covey to Ariana Huffington and Oprah, there are 10 keys to being an excellent leader that we can all agree on. (30-45 min)