The REAL Reasons I Cooked Dinner Every Night for My Teenagers

First off,  fellow parents, BUSY is a myth.

I think we all know that deep within our hearts, but society makes it so easy to play the Too Busy card.

Let me ask you some things:

~ Can you spend 2 hours a day, looking your kid in the EYE, without an electronic device?

~ During that time, could you teach them to LEAD and to solve interesting problems?

~ What would it take for you to create the space to chill out and work through those interesting problems together?

Because if you DO, you will raise up a different child altogether than someone who won’t do that.

And really, if we are honest, yes, I enjoy cooking. I love food!! But the real reason I cooked dinner for my teenagers every night is because it gave me a valid excuse to request the pleasure of their company.

As I sit here writing this in Southern California, I have one teenager out on the Atlantic Ocean fishing for tuna and another teenager rafting 140 miles down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. These are the same teens who I have made breakfast and dinner for almost every single day of their lives. And during those meals I have gotten to know them well enough to not worry about them making their way in the world.

They have shown me that they have the skills to navigate, argue, persuade, and persist.
They can empathize, socialize, and utilize sarcasm.

These skills were also honed during the days that we lived close enough for me to walk my kids to school everyday.

I tried my best to let them know…I don’t care how they did on their vocabulary testI CARE that they have something to say.

So fellow parents, walk your kids to school, cook the evening meal, they are semi-distracted environments that allows kids to tell their Truth.

Because Busy is a myth. Your kids are real. And time is short.




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