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I began in April by signing up with Carolyn to have her help me meet my goal. In the four months of dedicated training, I relied on Carolyn’s weekly chat with me, her daily schedule of training , and most importantly, her confidence that I could accomplish my goal of an Olympic Triathlon.

Harry Shepler

Upon first meeting Carolyn she came off as warm, inviting, energetic and always greeted me with a big smile. She seemed genuinely happy to meet with me. Through out my journey she would quickly pick up on areas that could use improvement but she never looked down upon poor decisions I might of made. It was her unbiased approach that made communicating effortless.

Eryk L.

Carolyn listens to what I'm saying and offers ways to make my life better, easier and healthier. She shares her own life experiences and makes you want to be a better and healthier person. I buy food at the grocery store I didn't even know existed before I met Carolyn and my grocery cart has more fruits and veggies in it than anything else.

I thoroughly enjoyed our recent 1 day Transformational event, but much more than that, I was enlightened. My frame of view of myself and my life has changed, and for me that was the true value of the day.


Carolyn showed me a system that not only helps me prepare for a sports event nutritionally and physically, but also mentally which is where I required the most help for peak performance Since I met Carolyn I changed the way I approach certain aspects of life by helping me realize that past events do have a massive impact on me currently regardless of how deep I bury them.

Jesse H.

The early discussion about being organized and prepared for the week were very helpful and something I still follow. Taking time over the weekend to shop and prepare appropriate foods for the week continue to be a big help in assuring I limit the situations where I am hungry and don't have an appropriate choice of food. Especially important for me with my travel schedule and long hours to be prepared.

Mike P.