My Sunday Review process EXPOSED!

Posted by Synergy of Empowered Women on Friday, June 22, 2018

Hello friends!

First off, if you hate reading, you can watch what I am about to say right here:

Ok, so if you are still reading, this is a brief synopsis of what I do on a Sunday to prep for my week.

There is food cooking. I always make sure on Sundays that my daughter and I both have food to get us through our workouts and everything else that is coming up for the next 3 days.

That’s basic and easy.

Then, I switch up my huge Sticky Note pages that I keep on the side of my fridge. They are 2ftx3ft. As you know, I have a lot to say:) So, as I am talking on the phone all week and having Inspired Ideas randomly, I need to write them down! If I don’t write them down, in true goldfish style, they will slip out of my mind in an hour.

Most importantly, however, I do the following:

1. I write down 3 things I did really well this week. This week, it happened to be exercising every day, even though I didn’t feel like it and even if it was for 20 min. I did it. I also made it to a major networking event in LA on Friday even though I gave myself about 64 excuses not to go. I left there soooooo jazzed, the energy is still with me. It was the right thing to do. ( Wanna see it?? Click here for the Livestream I posted before the award ceremony:

2. I write down 3 things I am struggling with. 3 things I need support and coaching on.

3. I reach out to the people I know can help.

See, people don’t always ask themselves, “how am I performing?” except for on Birthdays (especially Decade mile markers), New Years resolution time, and other times of crisis.

Self evaluations are crucial! But, honesty is hard. I get it.

We are kept down by self criticism and the intellectual inconsistency to stay on track.

Here is a trusted formula: discipline=freedom

Last week…what 3 things did you get DONE that have made a hue difference in how you feel? Have gratitude for those things.  What are the struggles that you overcame with the coaching you received? Affirm it’s worth to you.

What do you need to incorporate this week to provide you more:






Write it down.

Ask for the help.

We are here for you.






What do you think?

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