My Brightsidedness

Sometimes it drives people crazy that I’m always putting a positive spin on situations.

My “Look On the Brightsidedness” runs contrary to the way alot of people are programmed. But it really just makes me shake my head in disbelief when I hear people complain about how long and miserable their day is ABOUT to be!

I believe we make our futures by what we expect to happen that day…

If I show up at work and get flustered right away by an avalanche of emails, or a problem that “must” be fixed right away I have been offered two choices:

1.  I can go into panic mode. I can feel stress and emotionally react to the situation. I can anticipate failure and missed deadlines and disagreeable discussions with coworkers. In this situation, my brain is saying we are in for a long and miserable day and then, so will it be…I can look at the “problem” that has been given to me and see it as a roadblock and a chore to overcome.  And by doing this, I align myself with my other coworkers who would like to commiserate on how rough life is and unfair that we are stuck with this burden.


2. I can pause for a brief moment and assess the situation. I can remind myself that how I frame each of the upcoming tasks in my mind is how they will then be perceived by others… I  see it as a valuable lesson that I am about to learn and in doing so, I may be able to prevent the problem from happening again. I am about to find a solution.  I am about to become the MVP on the team by keeping cool under pressure. I can make a positive shift in team morale by leading the offensive with Brightsidedness.

The qualities of brightsidedness are strong and peaceful; assured and graceful; aligned with personal convictions; abundant and grateful. It feels wonderful to be around people who are looking on the Brightside because these qualities are so desirable. They also aren’t the norm. We live in a fast-paced, frantic world, so being a pillar of peace is to be an oasis in a very dry desert. I’ve learned that if you flow with grace and ease people will be drawn to flow with you and learn to do the same. When you speak with conviction, people listen. They may not like what you’re saying, but they listen. Conviction draws a crowd. We all want to know. We all want to be certain. We all want to believe.

And it all starts with the story you are telling yourself right this very minute….I invite you to take a minute and listen…


What do you think?

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