What Does it Mean to Inspire Significant Change?

I, Carolyn Maul, believe that you are the creator of your life, not a manager of your circumstances.

As a Life Coach, I also believe that discovering how to live a life of health, connection and success is the single greatest investment you’ll ever make!

  • How amazing would it be to know that you were in the Right Place at the Right Time on purpose and following your passion?
  • What if you no longer found yourself lying in bed at 2am with anxiety and worry?
  • Can you imagine walking into a room and instantly attracting other high energy and positive people?

Unfortunately, I see so many of you Powerful Creators failing to take action!

I’ve heard you ask: “How do I take action when I don’t know what action to take?”

Don’t like your body? Your relationship? Your job?


What people are saying...

Carolyn gives my life a turbo charge! While filling out her initial questionnaire, I started to see the glimmer of what life could, and should, be like. 

She pointed out how my self limiting thoughts and artificial limitations are evident in my word choices and suggested how to change those to self affirming thoughts/words and positive actions, which works! 

As time went on I realized how much more there is to my world and how I could better experience it and take charge of my direction. She assists me by identifying goals and creatively providing tools and techniques for reaching those objectives. Things that I see as road blocks Carolyn aids me to see as irrelevant or as opportunities. Most importantly, she makes me see how I negotiate myself and my goals away without even realizing it for the smallest of reasons. 

I’ve been promoted to a great new position and have a whole host of more exciting options available in the near future. The book I’ve always wanted to write is now outlined and is being written and I’m in the market for the dream home that was always on the back burner as another elusive “someday” item. Oh- and I’m getting into shape! All the elements were there, but it is Carolyn’s coaching that provides the support, insight, tools, strategies and push to make it all happen- and to make it fun!

Ms. C. Bibles

Investing in a Life Coaching program allows you to uplevel and transform all areas of your life.

I know you want to have the best in the industry on your side.

I know you want real results.

So why wait any longer to have a healthy body, fabulous relationships, a job you love, and just more happiness in life?

Are you ready to say YES to your desires?

If so, you are in the right place.

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Most of us have a picture of how we want our life to be…


How we want our life to be and what reality looks like are two different things.

Our desires don’t match our reality.

Many of us don’t have the health, the body, the deep connection in relationships, the freedom, true happiness and inner peace that we want.

How do we get from here to there?

From frustrated, fearful, confused, disappointed…

We say “One day it will all magically come together!”

But it never comes together all at the same time!

Why do 99% of people not have the life they desire?

There are systems to creating the mindset shifts needed to create positive change.

If you don’t yet have enough knowledge, skills, and systems to design and create your ultimate life I can teach the skills it takes to start living the life you REALLY want.

What people are saying...

After our time together,  I’m very inspired to keep making changes and improvements going forward. Carolyn Maul, your coaching has been wonderful on a lot of levels but I’m most surprised by how empowering it has been (from much more than just a food management standpoint). I can actually envision becoming a fitter and healthier person and you provided not only the tools but the inspiration that it is possible. I have to say your knowledge, experience, and personality are really what made the difference in how quickly I was able to make changes! It was so interesting, enjoyable and helpful. Thank you!”

But, wait! – What DO YOU really want?

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want!

In your heart and soul, what do you truly desire?

We are all unique.

That’s why the same diet and fitness plans don’t work for everyone! That’s why there are so many businesses out there! So many products, so many ideas and books and careers.

YOU have only one life! How are you deciding how to live it?

Do you want to travel? Own your own business? Are you on the career path that YOU chose or your parents?

And really, in this season of your life, what do you want TODAY? like right NOW?

What have you moved away from?

What are you calling into your life now?

Hiring a coach is invaluable when you are ready to reevaluate what your goals and needs are TODAY at this stage in your life…(not where you were 5, 10, or 20 years ago!)

Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds?

Do you want to learn how to eat better and make proper food choices?

Do you want deeper connection in your relationships?

Quality time and communication with your kids?

Maybe you are desiring to create a whole new personal style and re-create your wardrobe and image?

Find that sweet spot in your golf game?

Get a tennis partner?

Create a Mastermind group?

Do you want a clean and organized home and office?

Maybe you want to move or take an epic vacation!

How are you giving back? What are you contributing?

What people are saying...

Carolyn Maul, Our early discussions about being organized and prepared for the week were very helpful and something I am still following. Taking time over the weekend to shop and prepare appropriate foods for the week continue to be a big help in assuring I limit the situations where I am hungry and don’t have an appropriate choice of food. Especially important for me with my travel schedule and long hours to be prepared.

The overall fitness plan you created for me was also important in developing a number of exercise routines that allow me to mix things up so it stays interesting and challenging but also keep a focus on cardio and building lean muscle at the same time. Your encouragement and introduction of Yoga as tool to focus on flexibility as well as stress relief was effective by you helping to overcome the preconceptions and giving comfort to the practice.

Lastly, the biometric screenings and testing were strong validation of the results. While physical results were evident through the weight reduction, the long lasting validation was in the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure improvements.

Mr. M Portela

This is your life! Be a creator and not a manager of circumstances.

If you’ve been waiting to find someone to work with you individually to

  • create a clear plan to reach your goals,
  • be a confidant and sounding board,
  • challenge you,
  • open your eyes to new ways of seeing the world,
  • validate you,
  • motivate you to become a better parent, daughter, son, student, business owner, writer, triathlete, you-name-it…
You have found your match. YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

You CAN put yourself in a position to thrive regardless of what’s going on around you, and you CAN create a life that’s truly extraordinary.

I combine life coaching skills like mindset work, conscious language choices, holistic nutrition, and mind-body coaching so you can take consistent and positive daily actions that make your success CERTAIN.

One of the best parts for me is to watch my clients go out into the world and Inspire Significant Change themselves!

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What people are saying...

“…Since I met Carolyn Maul, I changed the way I approach certain aspects of life… she helped me realize that past events do have a massive impact on me currently regardless of how deep I bury them. I am so much happier since I realized that I do not need to let outside factors (such as my golf game) define who I am or impact my self worth. Carolyn showed me a system that not only helps me prepare for a sports event nutritionally and physically, but also mentally which is where I required the most help for peak performance. I didn’t know I should have put more emphasis on pre-race (and during race) meals for better performance and increased enjoyment!”

Mr. J Hagar

So, how does this work and how can you get started right away?

First, thing: TAKE ACTION!

Do it before you feel completely ready. Do it now. Do it now, do it now! Do it for yourself, unapologetically.

When you invest in one on one coaching you are investing in your future and making the decision here and now to uplevel all areas of your life. And I totally take a stand for that.

Inspiring significant change.

Once you dive into the program with me I’ll email you a very detailed questionnaire to fill out and we will schedule our first coaching call, Skype session, or in person meeting ( do you live in the Los Angeles area? )as soon as possible.

In other words, as soon as you commit to you I am right there with you, supporting you to make exciting changes in your life! As a coach, it is my honor to hold a space for you to grow into your greatness.

So, imagine, tomorrow…

Waking up and realizing you’ve committed to yourself, bought the program, scheduled our first coaching session, and are already making positive shifts in your life! It can happen that fast!

You won’t be disappointed.

We can create some dynamic shifts in a short period of time with this type of highly focused and consistent coaching method.

I'm ready when you are!

One time 90 minute coaching call

~ Totally laser focused, game-changing session either in person if you live in the Los Angeles area, a recorded phonecall, or Skype / Facetime / Zoom call to drill down FAST on limiting beliefs

~ Create new mindset shifts that support your future goals

~ Answer specific questions pertaining to lifestyle, relationships, weight loss, core value discovery, or exercise training plans.

~ It’s not a lot of time, but in 90 minutes I guarantee we can figure out WHY you are stuck and what you need to do to GET MOVING forward.



30 days of Inspiring Significant Change coaching

~ 10 hours includes: one 2 hour discovery call or visit if you live in the Los Angeles area and 8 one hour coaching calls or Skype/Zoom sessions

~ Unlimited Email Support

~ Access to my private Mastermind group 

~ Detailed Action Plan Of Key Areas To Follow On Completion

~ A short, sharp focused burst to get your life back on track. I cover ALL key areas – Work/Career , Relationships/Family , Health/Fitness, & Recreation/Down Time.



3 months of Inspiring Significant Change coaching

~ One 2 hour discovery call and 12 – 90 minute Skype or phone sessions PLUS a 15 minute check in call each week.

~ Unlimited Email Support

~ Access to my private Mastermind Group

~ Detailed Action Plan Of Key Areas To Follow On Completion

~ A Strategic 90 Day Reinvention to get you on your way to a Truly New Or Reinvigorated Life. I cover ALL key areas – Work/Career , Relationships/Family , Health/Fitness, & Recreation/Down Time


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