Independence = High Risk + High Reward

Writing this on the morning of July 4, 2017 I am vacillating between two emotions: hope and fear.

As we strive to create things in the world, we are exercising our desire to be independent of old ways of thinking, outdated beliefs, business practices that no longer work. But, as we charge towards the new with hope and dedication to our dreams we often find ourselves walking through the night.

When it takes longer to reach our destination than we anticipated it can feel so scary. Even if you aren’t traveling through the cold dark night of despair, maybe it’s just afternoon thunderstorm that rains on your parade briefly, it still forces you to recommit and work harder with greater resolve.

As we celebrate our country’s Independence Day, and reflect back on the sacrifices that were made for the United States to form I hope we can all take a moment and, keeping that macro vision in mind, translate it to a micro version of Independence in our lives.

I think the main thing that we all wish for in life is to feel free.

Free to love who we want to love.

Free from financial worries.

Free to travel, to roam, to explore.

Free to speak our minds without being judged.

Free dress the way we wish, sing the songs we love, and otherwise express our individuality.

What price are you willing to pay for that freedom?

The great reward of Freedom comes at the cost of  great risk.

For some of us, the cost of creating a business that allows us to fully express our gifts is actually financial. It’s not only sweat and grind, it’s dollars and cents. It’s sacrificing along the way for a bigger vision.

For others, the cost of creating art and individual self-expression is ridicule and condemnation.

What price are we willing to pay to be FREE?

There is no freedom in fear. To live in fear of failing, or of disappointing others and therefore to not even ATTEMPT to do what we know in our hearts we are being called to do is not freedom. That is captivity of our own creation in our own minds. The RISKS are high! There is courage needed, and bravery, and yes, sometimes adventure hurts us…but monotony can kill you.

Where are you struggling to break free? Is it in your career? In your relationship? Is it from the dependency to your parents? Your addictions? Your debt?

Where are you struggling the most with fear?

Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? Will I DIE from having that conversation? From being late with the rent? From speaking in front of the whole company? Probably not. Fear doesn’t kill us, it simply ruins our lives and keeps us trapped.

So, what price are you willing to pay to move past the fear? Are you willing to be more vulnerable in your marriage? Are you willing to work more hours to get out of debt? Are you willing to wear that outrageous outfit that makes you stand out in the crowd? Are you willing to love your son’s boyfriend? Are you willing to ask for the promotion? Are you willing to quit and start over? Are you willing to give up all the comforts in exchange for the risk that will lead you to freedom?

I hope so.

Here’s to our Independence!!




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