How to “Go With The Flow”

Has anyone ever said to you “Hey, change is the only constant. Just go with the flow” ?

Sure, change is constant. But that doesn’t make it comfortable or easy. And sure, going with the flow sounds lovely, but in practice? It goes a little more like this:


How to Go With The Flow

Step 1: You embrace change or contemplate making changes in your life.

(In order to move to step 2, you need to be able to admit that there is a better way. That the way you have been living and the things you have been doing maybe aren’t the right way, the most efficient way, or the most expedient way. No one likes to admit they were wrong or inadequate. Most people stop the process here)


Step 2: You begin the process of changing your daily habits.

(In order to move to step 3, you need a plan! If you are making random changes here there and everywhere the whole process will seem chaotic and scary and you won’t be able to see progress. More people stop here out of frustration and fear of the unknown.)


Step 3: Recommit. Feel the fear, and do it anyways.

(The intrepid few who are still Going With The Flow are now deep in the heart of unknown territory. Change is occurring and it’s scary. It is uncomfortable. This is the time to recommit to the original goal. Revisit the gameplan. Get a reality check from someone you trust. Feel all the crazy emotions, and keep going.)


Step 4: Flow. Recommit. Repeat.

(Things get easier. Things get harder. We recommit to our intention of letting go of the need to control everyone and every situation. We practice trust. We look over at the folks still stuck at step 1, and we recommit to the scarier, far more rewarding path. Over and over and over.)


What do you think?

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