You can design an incredible Lifestyle based on health & wealth!

It is totally possible to create a successful career, loving relationships, a healthy body, and have time to enjoy it all.

~live in abundance~

You can have a lifestyle that supports greater wealth in all areas of your life…in your Wellness, your Emotions, your Assets, your Leadership, your Time and your Happiness.

 “What’s the #1 single biggest challenge that you’d like to break through and resolve this year?”

  • Your procrastination habit has you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, with low self-esteem, regrets, and not enough free time to dedicate to having any fun.
  • It makes you feel good to give to others, but you are starting to feel resentful because you know there’s never enough time for taking care of yourself and focusing on YOUR desires.
  • You realize that you have been wishing and hoping and trying to make lasting changes in your weight or your health, but always go back to your old habits.
  • You feel that you are always running behind, that things are slipping through the cracks, that at any second now all those plates you have in the air might fall.
  • You’ve been taught that you’ll be judged on your appearance and so your self worth is tied to the scale or your bank account.
  • You feel like you have to wait until a time in the future when “things are better”;  you have more money, more time, more support but you have no idea when that might be.
  • You desire to have more free time and more meaningful relationships, but there never seems to be enough hours or energy left at the end of the day.

…And you are ready to shift from being the manager of your circumstances to the Creator of your Life!

If you can relate to any of the situations I just listed, trust me you are not alone.

We were all taught to believe certain things when we were growing up, and many of those beliefs caused us to make choices that have brought us to a point in our lives NOW where we are no longer happy or healthy.

If we hold on to negative patterns we end up with negative results. Our stress and our fatigue contribute to weight gain and depression.

We start to feel helpless and hopeless as year after year goes by and nothing really seems to change or improve.

Remember, it’s our personal story that creates our destiny!

Our thoughts create our actions.

And our daily actions will determine how successful and happy we become.

I believe that everything begins with a thought, a notion, that if nurtured and fed will become your destiny.

Anything that’s ever been made, done, or invented started with a thought.

Your thoughts and feelings are what ultimately drive you to take action and those actions are what shape your body, your back account, and your happiness.

Creating WEALTH is possible for us all… by joining me for this 6-week course you can start making changes today that will help you in more fully creating a life of abundance.~

Every day there are more and more scientific studies that prove the power of our thoughts over our ability to heal our bodies. For example, I can’t wait to share with you the science behind Epigenetics and PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) and how you can easily take this research and apply it to your own life today!

Many of us are still believing the myths that we heard growing up or that we see in the media, myths like “its a struggle to lose weight”, that we all have to “fight disease”, that aging is a sign of deterioration, that you have to work harder and longer in order to make more money, that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

But that adds up to a daily existence of simply managing circumstances and worrying about the worst possible outcome.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be the Creator of my Life than just the manager of my circumstances!

We all desire to have more; a successful career, loving relationships, a healthy body, and time to enjoy it all.

So, how do we start making the changes in ourselves that will allow us to receive more of what we desire?

Understanding that our conscious language choices and daily habits are some of the keys in creating a new and more expansive mindset that allows for unlimited possibilities for your success.

Remember, it’s our personal story that creates our destiny.

Our thoughts create our actions.

And our daily actions will determine how successful and happy we become.

In this empowering 6-week course, I’ll reveal exactly how you can:
  • Create new habits that support your shift in becoming the healthiest and most energetic person you have ever been
  • Have a healthy body, without spending time doing exercises you hate or feeling hungry and guilty
  • Have a successful career, without feeling that you are sacrificing your family or your health in the process
  • Procrastinate less and be productive more often
  • Bring more relaxation, fun and joy into your life
  • Create healthy, loving, connected, and beautiful relationships in your family, your career and your life

What current clients are saying…

I began in April by signing up with Carolyn to have her help me meet my goal. In the four months of dedicated training, I relied on Carolyn’s weekly chat with me, her daily schedule of training , and most importantly, her confidence that I could accomplish my goal of an Olympic Triathlon.

Harry Shepler

Upon first meeting Carolyn she came off as warm, inviting, energetic and always greeted me with a big smile. She seemed genuinely happy to meet with me. Through out my journey she would quickly pick up on areas that could use improvement but she never looked down upon poor decisions I might of made. It was her unbiased approach that made communicating effortless.

Eryk L.

Carolyn listens to what I'm saying and offers ways to make my life better, easier and healthier. She shares her own life experiences and makes you want to be a better and healthier person. I buy food at the grocery store I didn't even know existed before I met Carolyn and my grocery cart has more fruits and veggies in it than anything else.

Carolyn showed me a system that not only helps me prepare for a sports event nutritionally and physically, but also mentally which is where I required the most help for peak performance Since I met Carolyn I changed the way I approach certain aspects of life by helping me realize that past events do have a massive impact on me currently regardless of how deep I bury them.

Jesse H.

The early discussion about being organized and prepared for the week were very helpful and something I still follow. Taking time over the weekend to shop and prepare appropriate foods for the week continue to be a big help in assuring I limit the situations where I am hungry and don't have an appropriate choice of food. Especially important for me with my travel schedule and long hours to be prepared.

Mike P.

What’s Included in the Course…

6 Health and Wealth Lifestyle Design Lessons

You will receive six 45 minute-long lectures that incorporate slides and audio as well as weekly homework assignments. Everything is recorded and available 24/7 so you will have access to anytime.

Access to my Private Members-Only Facebook Group

This is where the magic happens! (And the group Challenges!) 

Carolyn is the moderator of this private group that is quickly becoming a global community of amazing, inspired and powerful people who are on the same journey with you. This is where you will find immediate support, motivation, and accountability to create, implement and sustain your desired life. We are building a community based on abundance and happiness.

6 Weekly Assignments for you

In order for you to anchor your learning, Carolyn has created specific assignments, journal prompts, and checklists that complement the training calls. You will have access to the exercises, tools and practices that you require in order to start creating your desired life from day one of this course.

Each week we focus on how to create health and wealth in a specific area of your life. Each week you will see how to integrate all these aspects into the creation of a LIFESTYLE that fosters health and wealth.

Session 1: Wellness

Confronting the “myths” of wellness and aging.

The study of Epigenetics and Biocognitive theory and how you can utilize this research to prevent disease.

The one Golden Rule to master your best food choices.

How to live like its Springtime on the Savannah.

Language and affirmations for personal success.

Session 2: Emotions & Relationships

How your emotions are running your own personal pharmacy.

Learn the 6 Basic Human Needs how to get yours met.

How are men and women biologically different and why we communicate differently.

Access exalted emotions and heal archetypal wounds.

Shift your personal paradigm around relationships.

Session 3: Assets & Finances

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic goals and assets.

Harry’s Investment Philosophy.

How to create a mindset of abundance.

Developing a “wealth consciousness” practice.

The 4 common money myths and how to shift them.

Session 4: Leadership

Identify your tribe.

Learn the 2 step process to mastering your vocation.

The shared qualities of all cultures and belief patterns in history that keep us from excelling.

How to start showing up completely authentic, transparent, and fully in control.

How a mindfulness practice can make you 100% more productive.

Session 5: Time Management

The most common myths about time.

What we can learn from Centenarians

The role of self-care in your daily schedule

Mindset shifts to create the space to accomplish more and worry less

Affirmations to help you stop rushing around and start being more effective.

Session 6: Happiness

Take control of your happiness!

How to bring more of what brings you joy into your world

Ancient yogic principles for the modern age

Fully embracing the ability to be a Creator of your Life instead of the manager of your circumstances

I would be thrilled to share all of this information and inspiration with you! It will be my joy and privilege to support you on your path to greater freedom, health, wealth and happiness! You are just a click away from seeing the world through new eyes…

Register Now for Only $497!

The Health and WEALTH Lifestyle Course is specifically designed to assist you in creating a life of abundance.

By participating in this course, my clients have completely transformed their lives in a short period of time and are now allowing themselves to manifest and receive at levels that they couldn’t have never imagined.

It is a fun, interactive experience where you will learn transformative material and easily implement each week’s topic to watch your life transform before your eyes.

After The 6 Week WEALTH Course You Will…

  • Be confident and positive in the present moment.
  • Know how to ask for what you want and receive the support you need.
  • Be open to receive wealth and abundance effortlessly
  • Be able to communicate openly and show up authentically in every relationship.
  • Have learned the tools to make yourself your #1 priority every day, effortlessly, without feeling guilty for it.
  • Know how to use affirmations to manifest more of what you desire in your life.

Does this sound like something that could benefit you?

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to the course weekly?

A: The six weekly training videos are all about 45 minutes long. Of course, you will need to then follow the guidance and apply what you will learn during the week, which doesn’t mean that you need to do anything extra, just incorporate the teachings into your daily life.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: This work is proven to be transformational and there are many variables that influence the speed of your success with the Health and WEALTH Lifestyle Course. What I can assure you is that as long as you stay committed to working and applying the exercises in the course and stay active in the community, you will experience faster transformational results.

Q: What type of support will I receive during the course?

A: You have the 6 weekly lessons as well as the private Facebook group which is an open forum for all the people in this community to support each other. I personally monitor this group closely and fully participate in it, answering any questions or comments. This is where the magic happens, as you allow yourself to actively participate, you will feel and receive the support you require.

Q: Is it a live course, or a home study one?

A: It’s both! The Health & WEALTH Lifestyle Course was specifically designed with the audio trainings that you can consume at your pace, and the Facebook group to allow your LIVE participation. The  assignments are also for you to complete at your own pace.

All it takes now is for you to say YES to investing in yourself and your future life of abundance!

Register Now for only $497!