Is “Go Hard or Go Home” your motto? This may be a side-effect…

Dealing with rejection, and a new take on “go hard or go home”...Let’s keep it real!

Posted by Carolyn Maul on Monday, February 26, 2018

I was feeling totally dejected a couple days ago. I went into this a little bit deeper here in this FB live.

It started on Sunday when I was talking to my bike mechanic. He is planning an EPIC ride spanning hundreds of miles up the California coast, and he had mentioned going on his training rides this week… I mentioned I would go with him if it was in the afternoon and he just said, “No. I can’t even breathe when I ride with you.”


Then, the next morning, I hauled my tired and cold butt out of bed to get to the gym for the 6am class. The ONLY reason I was forcing myself to go is that I knew we were going to re-take a Fit Test. I was not ever going to put myself through that torture alone, so I needed to get to class. And again, when I offered to share my station, my weights, etc. I was met with “No. I can’t do that. No. It’s too hard.”


I was feeling all sorts of rejected. No one would play with me!!

I went home and told my daughter that no one would play with me and I was feeling dejected. She just looked at me and said, “Well, Mama, you’re a little scary. But, really, maybe you should just find better friends.”

My daughter is my life coach!

Of course, when pressed, would I EVER in a million years pretend to be someone I’m not in order to make other people feel better about themselves? Would I EVER shrink to fit?

You obviously know the answer to this.

I tell you this story to say this: if you decide to “Go Hard or Go Home” in your pursuits to better yourself you will often be going home alone. When you refuse to play small and go into any given situation giving it your all, you will end up intimidating others. Not on purpose, mind you. As we are each others’ mirrors, we reflect back everything they love and hate about themselves.

My point is this: we all get judged. All the time. It’s your choice if you want to be seen as someone who doesn’t settle or someone who is fine with the status quo. Do you want to be known as the person who is going to do whatever it takes, or the person who takes whatever is given?  For me, it’s actually easier to feel occasionally dejected and get over it rather than having continual regrets over what I could have done had a tried a little bit harder.

And I’m not really going home alone, my daughter the life coach is still there to talk some sense into me!



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