The Drone Series – Part 2 ( get perspective)

As many of you know, I lived outside of Boston, MA for 6 years. During that time, I got know a lot about Conservativism, flannel, family, and mashed potatoes. Every major city has an energy to it and traveling around the world allows us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others. It affords us greater perspective. After my upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio and then my time in Tucson, AZ, Missoula, MT, Hurricane, UT, Jackson Hole, WY, Flagstaff, AZ, Manchester, NH and ultimately Los Angeles, CA … I can say with confidence that every town has it’s vibe.

Heck, I’ve been driving back and forth across this country 25 years now!! ( OMG I’m old! ) I’ve gone north-south, east-west, back-and-forth time and time again. I’ve driven the 10, the 40, the 70, the 80 and the I-90. I’ve slept in my car, in 5 star resorts, in sleeping bags on the desert floor, and in the homes of extended family.

I love life on the road!

And I love videos like the one I posted above because they allow us to see with a new perspective.  Wide. Expansive. Diverse. And gorgeous.

When I watch videos like this, I get excited!

I start planning my next adventure. I look at maps. I learn about different cultures. I get curious about what life is like in other countries and cities. What are their struggles? What are they most proud of?

But, that’s me. I am an inherently curious person. It is why I am good at what I do as a Life Coach. There is no subject that is off the table for discussion with my clients.

If you can be brave enough to admit to the areas of your life that aren’t working, then we can absolutely find a new way of approaching it OR a new perspective to view it.

Sometimes, there are stressful situations in our lives that we actually can’t escape. In those instances, it is critical to find a new, healthy, fresh perspective to deal with the problem. How can we see the gifts that are coming to us wrapped in sandpaper? How can we be grateful for the struggle? What are we learning?

Sometimes, there are stressful situations in our lives that we can and should escape from. In those instances, we have to face our fears and put one foot in front of the other. We have to take a leap of faith that involves belief in ourselves. We have to try something new and that may involve letting our ego get a little bruised.

I joke around ( although its not a joke ) that I shoved my ego in a closet years ago!! I have learned to admit to embarrassing mistakes, unrequited love, and financial disasters knowing that my past does not define my future. This has taken years of practice!

I believe that it is imperative to get others involved in our process of growth. Telling our story out loud to others not only allows us to get feedback from their perspective, but it also takes away some of the power that story holds over us. We often carry around undue feelings of shame and guilt from the past. And when we can re-frame our story with help from a friend or therapist or coach, we can start to get free.

Free from our judgement and the fear of judgement of others.

We all want to feel free.

The first step is to shed the weight of the past and start to actively Create Your Future Self.

When I work with clients in this process the first thing we tackle is to accurately identify the top 4 archetypal patterns that they were born with. Next, we figure out what their Core Values are, based on those archetypes. As all of this comes into focus, we create a map of Life Zones and identify which zones are meeting their 6 Basic Human Needs. Where can this improve? What needs to be added? Subtracted? Finally, we discuss what needs to happen in their lives to attract and magnetize the people and opportunities needed to achieve their goals and dreams!

It’s an amazing process!!!

The shifts in perspective that my clients experience in a short 4 week period of time is incredible!

Are you ready to Create Your Future Self in a deliberate and joyful way?

I’d love to support you on the journey.

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