Do the thing, get the power.

I’ve been running a 5 Day Empowerment Challenge this week on FB. I call it that because it is directly connected to the work I am doing as VP of Business Development for Synergy of Empowered Women, but in essence, let’s be honest, it is the HEART and the core of what I do with my clients.

I realized the basic truth behind the quote “Do the thing and you will get the power”, which is commonly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, years ago while I was training for different athletic competitions.

It was true!

And I could prove it!

In the gym, once I could do the Thing, whether it was an unassisted pull-up or handstand push-up or heavy deadlift or 7 minute mile, I HAD THE POWER! I could show not only myself, but also others, this FACT.

When it comes to intangible Things like being honest, taking a leap of faith, making a tough decision, loving someone, etc. there is often no actual Thing to SEE. No fact we can point to and say ” I did it!”. WE know we did it, but so often we are our own harshest critics and instead of celebrating, we think, well, yes, we did it, but maybe we could have done it better, faster, sooner, later, etc.

Right now in our country, a lot of people are feeling powerless. They are searching for a Thing to do to feel some sort of Power back in their lives.

We see this being acted out in extremely negative ways. Mass shootings, violence, crime, hate, racism, you know what I’m saying.

These are people trying to assert their power. They do their thing, and boom! Power! News! Results.

But, what about you and I?

How will WE assert our power in the name of peace and justice?

What Things can WE do to bring the power of love and light into more areas of our lives?

In my opinion, we have to first believe we can. We have to re-affirm our self worth. We need a reminder of all the positive success we have accomplished.

We need to remember all the times we did the Things and go the Power!

So, an amazing assignment that will help you to get back to your strengths is to write a letter to yourself. A love letter,if you will, and list out at least 20 things you are PROUD of yourself for.

Many of you will have to dig deep to come up with 20, but I promise, you will thank me later 🙂

Here is my sample letter to myself, in case you need encouragement:

Dear Beautiful Carolyn,

As I sit here writing this to you, we are 42 years old. And we have much to be proud of. I hear you walking around telling yourself some crazy nonsense in your head that just isn’t true, and I need you to remember that you are the same girl who:

  • played sports all through high school and worked and commuted and graduated from Gilmour Academy with a 4.2GPA
  • took her first independent 6 week road trip across the country at 17 years old in that black Nissan 300ZX.
  • worked on a back country fire crew for two seasons in Saguaro National Park and learned how to cook for a dozen men, make bread from scratch, climb a 30 ft rope, read a topo map, and dig an outhouse.
  • took off and lived in Wyoming for 6 months in Grand Teton National Park so you could rock climb every day and live in a cabin on a lake with no phone, TV, or responsibilities.
  • decided to have kids early, KNOWING that they would be the salvation you needed to quit drinking so much and making such horrible personal decisions. You knew you needed them. And so they arrived.
  • had 2 amazing home-births and put both kids in cloth diapers and made their food. You did the healthiest things you knew for them.
  • decided on a whim one day to run a marathon. And then you ran 3.
  • figured triathlons would be fun, so you learned to swim and raced all over the southwest and Mexico
  • won a Figure Competition in Milan, Italy
  • got a Masters degree with Highest Honors
  • got your art into a downtown gallery in Flagstaff
  • ran the entire MicroSoccer program of 375 kids and 80 coaches for 2 years
  • started your first business in 2006 at 30 years old
  • won Best of Flagstaff for your personal training
  • hosted fundraisers for the local soup kitchen and women’s shelter generating over $10,000 that went directly back into the community
  • moved across the country with 2 kids and a cat at the age of 35, wiped the slate clean, and started over with $400
  • bought your first Mercedes at age 38
  • provided horses, ski passes, and everything else your kids asked for during that time in NH
  • moved to California, just because you had never lived by the ocean before
  • got published in the HuffPost, in Oxygen magazine, you are on the radio, podcasts, and interviews
  • were named VP of a non-profit org Synergy of Empowered Women

because guess what, sister??? YOU ARE an empowered woman!! Look at all the places you’ve been, things you’ve done, and lives you have positively impacted?! So, let’s be done with the negative self talk and get to work on your next big step. What stage do you want to get on next? What country do you want to travel to? Do the thing, and get the power. Now let’s go.

All my Love,




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