Day 5/365

Post Yoga All Damn Day:

I’m so glad I chose this as my NYRes. THIS I can handle. The words are always there.

I was contemplating today how I lost my confidence.


Like one day, seriously, it had just left the premises.

Vacated the joint.

Bought a one way ticket.

Said vamoose.





And that was that.


And there I stood…confidenceless. Questioning everything.


And it has taken me this long to regain the faith.

It has taken days like today…where I show up at an All-Day Yoga Expo expecting to learn something…and the thing I learned was that I knew it all along.


I show up to teach these Private Yoga sessions to people in LA whose net worth is about a million times mine…but at the end, I have the thing they don’t.



I show up to counsel people on Nutrition and in the end I have the thing they don’t…Health.


I keep showing up to drag people through their workouts and I’ve started to realize, yes, I’m still strong. I may be twice their age or a skinny white lady to their massive manly demeanor…but I can hold my own.


I don’t know where it went. Or why. But the confidence that fled the ball Cinderella-style is coming back.

One day at a time.

One consultation at a time.

One seminar, one class, one conversation at a time.


The peaks and valleys of life are completely unpredictable. They come without warning and often without provocation. And yet, they come.


I am writing this today to reassure anyone who may be in a valley, there is a trail to guide you out.




One foot in front of the other.


Never give up.


You can take a break. Take a nap. Siesta. Step off to stage left. Put your head in the sand. Whatever.


But we need you to come back when you feel ready.


Thanks in advance.




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