Day 2/365

Anyhow, Day 2


Aren’t we funny.

As people, we are just so interesting I can barely stand it.


We are so caught up in our ego and our stories.


Everyday I’m taken aback by the ignorance we choose to maintain when it comes to other’s pain and suffering. I say choose, because at the core we are all the same. You, Me, Him, Her, That One Over There… we are all humans and we are all desiring to be loved. We all desire to be happy. And when we choose to turn the other cheek on someone else….perhaps because we perceive that they are trying to force their happiness on us, or because they don’t know how to ask for help, or because we have judged them as privileged, dumb, pompous, ignorant, rich, poor, smart, strong, weak, young, old, or whatever….when we choose to judge, we lose.


We lose the opportunity to open our hearts.

We lose the chance to actualize the things we want, because we keep thinking those things are just for THEM.

We distance ourselves from love, when that is really what we are seeking.

We practice the bad habits of judgement, placing expectations, competition with our loved ones, and assumptions…


When we choose to judge, we suffer.


Somehow, I am not sure how, but somehow, I know in my heart that what I know is true. And I know in my heart that I help people everyday by showing up in my truth.

I know that somehow, someway, at some point, I will be able to BE in the world as ME and by expressing what I know to be true, I will be compensated by the Universe in a way that I can live comfortably and give to others.

Until then,

The struggle is mine.


I 100% accept my shortcomings, my bad habits, my lack of drive to amass a monetary fortune.


I just want to love on people.

I want to share my joy.

I want to inspire and teach.


I want my kids to know how much my Universe revolves around them and my pets to know that I think they are amazing creatures.


I try my best each day to do this.


And now, by writing it all down, my hope is that the energy of my love and appreciation is exponentially felt by all who it is directed to.


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