Personal Development

Day 4/365

  What if we have had it backwards? What if instead of searching hither and yon for our Purpose In Life, instead of complaining and worrying and wringing our hands about not living up to our Greatest Potential…   What if we sat still long enough to allow our Purpose […]

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Day 2/365

Anyhow, Day 2   Aren’t we funny. As people, we are just so interesting I can barely stand it.   We are so caught up in our ego and our stories.   Everyday I’m taken aback by the ignorance we choose to maintain when it comes to other’s pain and […]

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My One and ONLY 2019 Resolution

It’s the process of writing that sweeps out the cobwebs for me. The broom can stay in the corner. The dust can linger on the shelves. Give me words and my soul shines.   I’ve decided to write every day this year. I know I can accomplish this because I […]

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