How to Kick the Sugar Habit

Have you ever had a sneaky suspicion that you could feel a lot better and probably lose quite a bit of weight if you could just quit eating so much sugar? Have you ever felt frustrated that you think about food and crave sugary snacks as much as you do? […]

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Was your dinner Instagram worthy?

I hear a lot of stories from a lot of people who want to lose weight or reclaim their health that basically start with good intentions and a grocery list and end with frustration and take-out. What happens between the Pinterest recipe and dinnertime?? Let’s face it, when we make […]

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How Peppermint Oil Can Make You Smarter

True story: At the end of last school year my son signed up to take his SAT exam in October. He promptly traveled around the country all summer without a thought or a care to SATs. Once school began again this September both his guidance counselor and I were on […]

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