I’m Cancelling My Subscription to Your Issues

Effective Immediately: I’m cancelling my subscription to your issues. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could simply cancel out the stressful interactions we have with certain people and situations by quite frankly deciding that we are done even being aware of them? If we could just make the request not […]

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Day 5/365

Post Yoga All Damn Day: I’m so glad I chose this as my NYRes. THIS I can handle. The words are always there. I was contemplating today how I lost my confidence.   Like one day, seriously, it had just left the premises. Vacated the joint. Bought a one way […]

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Day 4/365

  What if we have had it backwards? What if instead of searching hither and yon for our Purpose In Life, instead of complaining and worrying and wringing our hands about not living up to our Greatest Potential…   What if we sat still long enough to allow our Purpose […]

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