Maple Syrup and Other Magic Ingredients

It’s Maple season here in New Hampshire which gives those of us who consider ourselves Consumers a great opportunity to support our local and economy and those of us who enjoy the process of Producing a chance to support the local ecosystem. I was recently having a conversation with Mike, a local Hollis resident, who […]

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The Greek Yogurt Bait and Switch!

I wanted to share with you some things I’ve discovered about Greek yogurt… It started on a day like any other day, which is to say, I was shopping for groceries. However, I  found myself having some extra time last week to do some luxurious meandering of the aisles instead of rushing around the perimeter […]

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Your Treasure Map to Success

Set your intentions, and set sail to your new destiny in 2013   This is the week when your friends and co-workers are already starting to regret and forget those New Year’s resolutions to cut out sugar and alcohol, to join Weight Watchers, go to the gym, lose weight, get a new job, etc. From […]

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