Vote for better food choices (at the check-out)

This year’s Thanksgiving felt like it came right on the heels of the presidential election, and that got me thinking more and more about the politics of food and my intense gratitude for living in southern New Hampshire. However, as the presidential campaign mayhem fades into the past, I’m left contemplating some problematic statistics: At […]

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A brief note on feeling disappointed

Sometimes, we feel disappointment. Sometimes, it happens like this: You’re a person who is alone a lot. You are very picky with whom you share your time and space. So, it’s exciting to every once in a great while meet someone who fits in your world.  Thankfully, no matter how old you get, the butterflies […]

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Kale: the New Beef?

While some people stay busy tracking trends in fashion or business, I have to admit I love tracking trends in nutrition. Just as in the past when people believed the world was flat, it amazes me that we can believe a food is healthy one day and going to kill us the next. What’s going […]

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