Letter to the Editor

My friend Ted submitted the following letter to the editors of Scientific American in response to their September Special Food Issue. The issue had two articles on GMO foods.   I loved what Ted had to say and I share in his sentiments… Letter to the editor Scientific American September 2013 Volume 309, Number 3 […]

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Is Gluten-Free a Boon? Food Trends You Can Prepare for Now

Today we have a guest post by Russell Harper of NexTec! You can find the original blog post here, and read more of Russell’s work here! Gluten-free. It’s the latest buzzword on talk shows and in health journals. Although the gluten-free diet began as a prescription for those suffering from incurable celiac disease (which causes […]

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Reinvent Your Pumpkin Bread With Almond Flour

Who doesn’t look forward to the “autumn” smell of fresh pumpkin bread wafting from the oven? It’s one of the fall comfort foods that comes to many of our kitchens this time of year. Unfortunately, it often accompanies the extra 5-10 pounds of extra weight we tend to put on between now and January as […]

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