The Drone Series – Part 1 (find your people)

Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes for a season. And sometimes for a lifetime! Check out this amazing video my “lifetime friend” Carlye Casswell and I shot last weekend with her drone.  She is the daughter of my best friend Renee. And by the way, Carlye just had a daughter of […]

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Quit?

Conflict, hurt, anger, poor communication, lack of appreciation— whether it is a marriage or a job, there are thousands of us walking around suffering from toxic relationships! We think we are in the right, that this situation is harming us, and we should quit. But, if we keep running through the problems we have with our […]

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Being the Treasure VS Having the Treasure

Since we all live in this 3rd dimension of reality, we get to struggle with DUALITY. DUALITY means we see things as black / white, right / left, up / down, good /bad, us / them, you / me, now /later. Expanding that into a relationship, there is a point where you get to decide […]

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