Pro Tips For Your Summer BBQ

At my house,  Summer is synonymous with outdoor cooking. Grilling outside is not only a great excuse to hang out in the fresh air and take some deep breaths, it’s also a chance to experience veggies and fruits a new way.  Here are some suggestions for expanding your BBQ-ing repertoire… Avocados: Yep. They are great […]

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Independence = High Risk + High Reward

Writing this on the morning of July 4, 2017 I am vacillating between two emotions: hope and fear. As we strive to create things in the world, we are exercising our desire to be independent of old ways of thinking, outdated beliefs, business practices that no longer work. But, as we charge towards the new […]

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The Steady HUM of Transformation

In the world today, if you put down your phone and turn off your car and your TV and you walk into a space where there are trees and flowers, and sit still….you will start to hear a faint hum. You might think its your ears ringing from all that time on conference calls or […]

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