Carolyn has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Mountain Living Magazine, The Nashua Telegraph, Arizona Daily Sun and as a guest on WGIR New Hampshire radio “Ask the Experts” show. As one of the top personal life coaches and motivational speakers in the field, her authentic, powerful, and occasionally hilarious training sessions and seminars keep people coming back again and again. An Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Fitness Personality, Wellness Expert, Author, Seminar Leader, Spin instructor, yoga teacher, childhood obesity activist, guest chef, artist, and giver at heart.

How to “Do It All”

AKA- Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty People often ask me, “How do you have time for it all? How do you do it all?”  They see me as a single mom, running a successful business, dealing with dozens of clients, running a household, exercising most days, cooking real food in my […]

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Spanish Villa Vacation Vibe

After spending over half of July traveling through Europe, I came back home to the States determined to foster that Spanish villa vacation vibe throughout the rest of my summer. It is much easier in Spain and England to find healthy foods in the market, to get a fresh, hot […]

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