Carolyn has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Mountain Living Magazine, The Nashua Telegraph, Arizona Daily Sun and as a guest on WGIR New Hampshire radio “Ask the Experts” show. As one of the top personal life coaches and motivational speakers in the field, her authentic, powerful, and occasionally hilarious training sessions and seminars keep people coming back again and again. An Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Fitness Personality, Wellness Expert, Author, Seminar Leader, Spin instructor, yoga teacher, childhood obesity activist, guest chef, artist, and giver at heart.

There’s no shame in wanting that!

How did you start this week? Seriously. Do you have a morning routine that sets you up for a Powerful and Productive day? Or did you hit snooze a few times and check Facebook before you even said good morning to your family? I’m asking because there is no denying […]

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What Is The Definition of a Champion?

What is the definition of a champion? Is it someone who is lucky enough on a single day to win that one race? Is it someone who shows up everyday despite the odds to train with the singular hope and desire to be better personally than yesterday? Is it someone […]

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