Carolyn Maul’s "21 Day Turnaround"

Have you ever wished for a clean slate?

A day where you just decide to change things in your life and not look back?

You can start right here, right now to make lasting positive changes in your fitness and lifestyle!

Do you feel confused by marketing schemes for so-called health foods and workout programs? How do we know what is really the best?

When you are first starting out on your health and fitness journey, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of products and supplements and advice columns out there!

To help you get on track and stay focused, I decided to take nutrition and exercise back to basics and I came up with the Golden Rules for Eating and working out. These are timeless principles that all valid and effective programs are based on. 

I can teach you easy ways to discern between something healthy and something that is just being marketed as healthy. I can show you how to determine if a workout DVD or program is going to be effective and SAFE or not. Over the last decade in this industry, I’ve seen so many trends come and go. I’ve also learned the Best Practices that are timeless and applicable to any human being.

Are you contemplating a change in diet but don’t know where to start? Would you like recipes and a meal plan that are easy and kid-approved?

No matter how new you are to healthy eating, it should come as no surprise that every “anti-aging super power-food” is a fruit or a vegetable. That said, how to incorporate more of these glorious whole foods into your daily life is sometimes a challenge if you don’t have a lot of time to cook and prep. So, the solution here lies in the simple and easy recipes I’ve collected that are the consistent crowd pleasers and family-friendly snacks. 

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or even involve heat! Combining a few ingredients in a blender is sometimes all that’s needed for the perfect dip, soup, sauce, or low calorie healthy beverage. 

You will get tried and true recipes, shopping lists, and resources for further food adventures based on your goals and preferences.

Do you need a mindset overhaul to let go of worry and regret and start focusing on the GOOD things in your life?! Would you love a better relationship with your kids and co-workers?

Stress is one of the most overlooked culprits in our health and relationships. There are proven ways to manage stress and start to view challenges with optimism as opportunities. 

When we practice using positive language choices, affirmations, journaling and setting intentions we start to create the mindset shifts that allow us to manifest the things in our lives that we truly desire. It is learning a new way to see things that can change your life for the better! 

In this program, you will recieve thought-provoking journal prompts and articles on ways to let go of regret, to create intentions and goals based on desired feelings instead of extrinsic rewards. There are also basic rules of effective communication that help dramatically when it comes to getting your needs heard and recognized by your partner, your boss, and your kids.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t getting the information you needed to do this, simply because you didn’t know what you didn’t know to ask?

As you take my detailed questionnaire, the key areas you need more education and attention in will come to light. Over my past decade of Fitness and Lifestyle coaching I have identified the most common pitfalls and common sense errors that happen when people decide to start a nutrition or exercise program or try to make changes in their lifestyle and relationships. As you answer the questions I’ll be given a chance to isolate certain areas that need the most focus right now and I’ll provide you with all the steps you need to get started!

You can start right here, right now to make lasting positive changes in your life!

Carolyn Maul’s “21 Day Turnaround” provides you a Customized Lifestyle Action Plan to get you on track with your eating, exercise, and daily schedule.

You have the opportunity to design an individual program tailor made for YOUR goals and YOUR needs.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Say yes!
  2. Fill out a detailed questionnaire so we can both have clarity on what your needs are and what we will prioritize.
  3. I will personally review your answers and over the next 21 Days, you and I will co-create a meal plan, shopping list, and recipes. 
  4. I will design an exercise prescription plan taking into account your current fitness level and resources.
  5. Our 1:1 calls will help you with time management and teach you ways to communicate better with the people in your life so your needs are heard.
  6. You simply wake up each day and follow the steps.
Imagine what you can get dialed in after 3 weeks of intensive work with a Life Coach!

So instead of hiring a separate personal trainer, nutritionist, personal assistant, and therapist who would collectively charge you $1800 or more, you can start your Turnaround today for only $499.